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Why ECertificate.PRO?

The traditional paper certificate issuance process is marked by its manual and time-consuming nature. It involves the printing of physical certificates, which are then painstakingly filled out, signed, and often mailed to recipients. This method incurs significant costs, not only in printing and postage but also in labor-intensive administrative tasks where verifying the authenticity of said certificates afterwards adds even more labor. The delays in processing and potential security risks associated with this approach highlight the need for more efficient and secure alternatives in the digital age.

Introducing ECertificate.PRO

ECertificate.PRO is a groundbreaking solution that transforms the traditional paper certificate issuance process into a secure, efficient, and cost-effective digital system. It digitizes the entire process, enhances certificate security using authentication numbers and QR codes, offers convenient certificate delivery, ensures data confidentiality, simplifies applications, and reduces costs. This versatile system integrates seamlessly with other processes and supports a multi-tiered approval process, making it an invaluable asset for modern educational institutions seeking to streamline certificate issuance while enhancing security and reducing costs. Read more about this product.

General System Process

Enhanced Certificate Authentication

 Enjoy a secure certificate issuance experience

Distinguished by its state-of-the-art security measures, such as intricate tracking numbers and advanced QR codes, ECertificate.PROstands as an impregnable fortress against certificate falsification attempts. Its primary objective is to guarantee the authenticity of every certificate while stopping any attempts to forge or manipulate it, as well as, offering dependable delivery mechanisms. Institutes and students can easily use QR codes and tracking numbers provided on the issued certificates to easily verify authenticity.

 ECertificate.PRO Benefits

ECertficate.PRO is an advanced system that simplifies student certificate issuance, saving costs, enhancing security, and improving efficiency with secure access, real-time tracking, and user-friendly features.

Efficient Certificate Application

The system streamlines the certificate application process, allowing students and graduates to apply for various certificates online, reducing paperwork and manual processing.

Convenient Delivery

Certificates are delivered through email, offering a convenient and quick method for students and graduates to receive their certificates.

Integration Flexibility

The system can be integrated with other systems and is capable of both online and offline operations, making it adaptable to different technological environments.

Multi Approval Process

Our system efficiently manages multi-tiered admin certificate approvals and can seamlessly reroute requests to alternate administrators to prevent disruptions from delays or complications. This adds an extra layer of operational resilience.

Data Confidentiality

The system ensures robust data confidentiality measures, protecting sensitive student and graduate information.

Saves Time and Reduces Costs

Switching to ECertificate.PRO from paper certificates saves a lot of money. Printing, mailing, and manual processing can cost hundreds of thousands, plus the added expense of transcribing into a system. It digitizes everything, cutting costs and speeding up issuance.

Enhanced Certificate Security

The use of tracking numbers and QR codes ensures that certificates are secure and difficult to forge. They can then have the authenticity of the issued certificate confirmed through those methods. This enhances the overall authenticity of the certificates issued.

Comprehensive Reporting

Administrators have access to an admin portal that offers a dashboard for monitoring student requests and statuses, along with the ability to extract various reports. This helps in managing and tracking the entire certificate issuance process effectively.

High performance at a small price

ECertificate.PRO delivers the features, reliability and benefits you would expect from a much more expensive system. Yet it is reasonably priced.

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