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EDU.PRO is a real-time, online, integrated information management system for universities, colleges, schools, and training centres. It helps improve education excellence, achieve resulting efficiencies and maximize operational performance. It has +25 pro modules and +30 inbuilt modules

EDU.PRO offers the robust functionality you need to manage the entire academic processes and student life cycle starting from course planning.


Enjoy a complete E-learning experience

Organize virtual class rooms

Create the best online learning experiences and keep everyone focused and engaged with high quality, real-time audio and video, and a suite of collaborative tools.

Extend the learning experience anytime anywhere

The E-Learning feature is designed to make your life easier by providing you with the elements that allow you to enjoy the learning experience at any time and from anywhere around the world. 

Boost your university ranking with EDU.PRO

The best strategy to improve the university rank is to increase the quantity and quality of your online presence and global performance.

EDU.PRO packages and portals support the global performance indicators and visibility of the university. These indicators take into account the teaching commitment, the research results and publications, the perceived international prestige, the links with the community, including industrial and economic sectors, of the university. 

EDU.PRO Benefits

Designed to cover all different operations in universities, colleges, schools and training centers.

Efficient Data Management Saves Time and Reduces Costs

EDU.PRO provides visibility to all areas of your institution – from student enrollment, curriculum planning, and student allocation to resource assignment, financial information and staff benefits.

High performance at a small price

EDU.PRO delivers the features, reliability and benefits you would expect from a much more expensive system. Yet it is reasonably priced.

Availability of Critical information

The information in student enrollment packets is invaluable for every-day university processes and for the safety of the students who are enrolled. Critical information in enrollment packets can include emergency contact information, allergy information, and pertinent medical information.

Enhanced Communication

The growing use of mobile apps is bridging communication gaps in universities. EDU.PRO, a smart ERP software, offers comprehensive management tools via its mobile app, enabling professors and management to share updates with students and allowing students to ask questions instantly. This makes universities more responsive and student-focused.

Maximize Resource Allocation and Increase Productivity

With a comprehensive university management system, staff is free from mundane and repetitive administrative task to focus on more difficult issues.

Provide Better Student Services with Integrated Student Portal

EDU.PRO empowers students through expanded information access – online enrollment for classes, online viewing of current coursework, academic record and status of degree completion.

Quality of information

Transcribing paper forms is a tedious process. For example university employees often find that enrollment packets are not completely filled out or some of the information is incomplete, illegible, or inaccurate. With EDU.PRO the full information will be available. 

Ensure Accurate Information for Better Decisions

EDU.PRO provides a single source of information to make timely and effective operational and financial decisions.

Cost-effective and Scalable System

EDU.PRO delivers the most cost effective and flexible solutions, new users or sites can be easily added to the system enabling a fast and cost-effective deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Optimization of Resources

EDU.PRO helps in the maintenance of stocks and inventories, and in the management of library, hostels, mess and canteen assets.  Furthermore, it can provide detailed insights into the strengths and flaws of the university – which can be used to fine-tune the processes for the optimal utilization of resources.

EDU.PRO Supports the decision making by Business Intelligence

Keep an eye on your entire institute, EDU.PRO generates +40 real-time reports for all modules. All reports are designed to be user-friendly, removing barriers to retrieving insights. Moreover, it gives you the ability to create dashboards, charts and reports straight out of the box, or customise them to make unique pictures that meet reporting requirements.

EDU.PRO Packages

Students Package

Keep all student information in one place for easy access.

Faculty Package

Manage Faculties With Transparent and Inclusive platform.

Courses Package

Create, Edit and Share Courses For PowerFul Learning.

E- Exam Package

Test Learning With Controlled Organized Exams.

Result & Certification

Automates the production of results and certificates, and speeds up the process.

Graduate College

Manage students, teachers, and all processes efficiently. 


Manage and Configure all the operations and modules.

Business Intelligence

Create dashboards, charts and reports to support decision making.


Supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education

EDU.PRO promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Decent work and economic growth

Help create decent jobs for all and improve living standards.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Develop a quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure for your institute.

Life on land

Protecting the ecosystem and reserve land degradation by cutting the paperwork.

EDU.PRO Clients

EDU.PRO Clients

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