Great software starts with great people

Our Products

Hash Information Technology presents a lineup of nation-leading products, seamlessly blending ease-of-use with an abundance of functions, achieved within a short period since our formal launch in 2015.


Elevate educational institutions with its integrated online system for enhanced learning and operational efficiency.


Empower education with a versatile Learning Management System, offering easy access, rich learning experiences, secure environment, and robust reporting capabilities.


Cutting-edge solution transforming student certificate issuance. It’s cost-effective, secure, and efficient.With unique tracking features, it ensures certificate authenticity.


Pharmaceutical ERP solution offering industry-specific tools for streamlined operations, multi-currency support, and data-driven decision-making.


Designed by dentists for dentists, streamlining dental center management with comprehensive features, data security, and user-friendly interface.


Streamline asset tracking and management with comprehensive solutions, enabling efficient inventory organization and secure access control.


Offers a comprehensive and integrated modular solution for resource allocation, regulatory compliance, and streamlined operations, with user-friendly interface and built-in business intelligence.


Your all-in-one solution for archiving, secure document management, and electronic messaging, enhancing efficiency and streamlining business processes.


Experience easy, secure, and cost-effective biometric payment solutions through fingerprint authentication, transforming electronic transactions.

Our Services

Because HashSD believes great software starts with great people, our team at Hash offers our customers a wide range of services which support your organization’s growth, success, and sustainability.


This part focuses on advising organizations to help them achieve their objectives and goals. Our consultants offer all professional services from assessment of current situation and proposing optimum as well as normal optimized operations for organizations


As an IT business we offer a wide range of complete technology solutions including hardware products, Software and IT services


We are ready to offer educational services in subjects as IT and related subjects. As well as we guarantee a world class training system led by experienced IT professionals.

Digital Marketing

We offer range of Digital Marketing services to help your businesses grow. We offer Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Latest News

EDU.PRO Market Plan 2022 Event

EDU.PRO Market Plan 2022 Event

Hash Company held a workshop with its success partners on December 24 at Salam Rotana Hotel, in the presence of appreciative specialists and experts...

Our Achievements

HASH TECH products; featured by ease-of- use and significant amount of functions, WITHIN short period since it was formally lounged in 2015, has achieved remarkable number of installations. Here is our client base

Our Business Partners

As part of our endeavors to enhance the services and provide our clients complete solutions we spare no efforts to join hands with reputed firms in the field of IT

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